A list of libraries Haio use to create web based magic such as animations and interactions.

  • Ionicons

    Open source CSS icons

  • GSAP TweenMax

    A JavaScript animation library

  • laxxx

    Animations when you scroll

  • Sticky

    Elements stick to page

  • Headroom

    Hide your header on scroll

  • smoothState

    Progressively enhance page loads


What is a CSS icon?

CSS icon packs are everywhere and choosing the right one for your design should not be overlooked, as it should reflect your brand's style.

Icons we use

For all things web, we use Ionicons. We keep our CSS icons to a minimum and only select the right ones that fit with the rest of the design. Here are the chosen ones:

When to use

  • Non bespoke / standard iconography
  • Pure CSS elements

Ionicons CSS

Place this code above the main style css file.

HTML Markup
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css">