How to design things at Haio

These guidelines lay out everything that builds up the design system used to create the Haio brand. What's hard to capture however is the intent and the magic that stitches the whole thing together. That's why we've defined 3 design principles to help guide us, in conjunction with the rules and assets laid out in this document, in creating things for Haio:

1. Be brave in our decisions to put less on a page

We like minimal, like, super minimal. We don't overcomplicate things, and we only add what's strictly necessary to a page. We appreciate that simplicity is inherently complex.

2. Form and function:

Neither form nor function should ever compromise a design. That's hard, but it's what we live for - to make things both easy to use and beautiful at the same time.

3. Humility and subtly:

We are, at our core, humble and human and our designs reflect that. We don't go OTT so our users don't go FFS. We keep things simple, confident in the knowledge that the experience and the design will be all the better for it.